Montag, 5. Januar 2009

Session on Biomineralization BG1.10 EGU 2009

We would like to draw your attention to our
session at the European Geosciences Union General
Assembly 2008 to be held in Vienna, Austria, 19 ­
24 April 2009 (

BG1.10 Towards a process based understanding of Biomineralization

Conveners: Gernot Nehrke, Anders Maibom, Aldo Shemesh, and Jaroslw Stolarski

Biomineralization is a discipline, developing
more and more from a descriptive to a more
process orientated field of research. Due to the
complexity of the system, processes can only
revealed in an interdisciplinary approach
combining crystal nucleation and growth in the
interplay with organic molecules, cell
physiological processes and various analytical
methods. Therefore we would welcome contributions
from different fields aiming at a process based
understanding of Biomineralization.

Deadline for abstract submission: 13 January 2009

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