Dienstag, 27. Januar 2009

Stellenangebot: 12 PhD and 2 Post Doc at the Marie Curie Initial Training Network, Delta-Min.

Positions for 12 Early Stage Researchers
(ESR: PhD studentships) and 2 Experienced
Researchers (ER: Post-doctoral) available in
the Marie Curie Initial Training Network,

The research themes of Δ-MIN will be on mechanisms of
mineral reequilibration in the presence of aqueous solutions
in a wide range of chemical and physical conditions, using
both natural and experimental samples.
Projects include processes important in earth sciences and
industry; metasomatic reactions in rocks, chemical
weathering, mineral replacement mechanisms in CO2
sequestration, the aqueous durability of nuclear waste
materials, remediation of contaminated water by mineral
reaction, and preservations of stone-based heritage. Projects
will range from field-related studies to nano-scale
investigations of reaction interfaces using high resolution
analytical methods.

The Network is co-ordinated by Andrew Putnis (Münster)
and includes partners from Toulouse, Reykjavik, London,
Oslo, Granada, Patras, Stockholm and Barcelona.
For further details and how to apply, contact Andrew Putnis ((putnis(at)uni-muenster.de)
and see: www.Delta-Min.com.
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