Montag, 9. Februar 2009

Goldschmidt 2009: 5h - Kinetics of Metamorphic and Igneous Processes.

the abstract deadline for the upcoming Goldschmidt meeting (21-26. June 2009) in Davos, Switzerland is approaching and we would like to draw your attention to the session:
5h: Kinetics of Metamorphic and Igneous Processes.
Please find below the session description:

Conditions and processes that lead to the formation of a rock may be recorded in multiple ways and on different scales. Mineral compositions and phase assemblages were usually interpreted based on equilibrium thermodynamics to obtain estimates for the conditions during rock or magma evolution. Process information was largely derived by empirical comparison of observed reaction microstructures and textures. More recently, sophisticated micro-analytical tools allow detecting compositional variations and textural features on decreasing scales and in three dimensions. The combination of new analytical and theoretical tools allows quantifying the temporal evolution of igneous and metamorphic systems with unprecedented high resolution. This session aims at the kinetics of mineral reactions and its influence on igneous and metamorphic crystallization. In particular, it focuses on the rates and timescales of chemical evolution and texture formation in various geological settings. Contributions based on field observations, experimental investigations, theoretical as well as numerical studies are welcome.

Keynote: Sumit Chakraborty (new elected Geochemistry Fellow!!) - Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Invited presentations: Rainer Abart - FU Berlin
Yan Liang - Brown University

Convener: Thomas Müller, Fidel Costa, Fred Gaidies

The Abstract-Deadline for the Goldschmidt meeting: 22.February 2009
Please find more detailed information on the webpage:
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