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PhD Position Geoscience Center Göttingen

The defective nature of ice Ic and its implications for atmospheric science
A PhD position is available in the crystallography group of the Geoscience Center Göttingen (GZG) at the University of Göttingen. The position is financed by the Institut Laue-Langevin in Grenoble/ France, the PhD will be attributed by the University of Göttingen.
The work is projected for 3 years and will be mainly executed at ILL/ Grenoble with repeated stays in Göttingen. Latest starting date is September 2009.
Project description:
Ice Ic (“Cubic ice”) is an ubiquitous material and occurs in many phase transitions between water ices. Our recent efforts permit us for the first time to describe quantitatively the structure of ice Ic in terms of stacking faults (Hansen, Koza and Kuhs 2008, J.Phys. Cond.Matter 20, 285104). The defective nature of ice Ic is likely to be very relevant to atmospheric science: The unexpected supersaturations of water vapour in the upper atmosphere (the so-called “supersaturation puzzle”) could be attributed to the (so far unproven) presence of ice Ic, which appears to have a higher vapour pressure than the stable hexagonal ice (ice Ih). Crystallite size and stacking fault probabilities are likely related to the higher vapour pressure.
The lifetime of cubic ice in the atmosphere is on timescales of hours to days during which cubic ice is changing its crystallite size and perfection as a function of temperature. To elucidate these changes and clarify their possible role in solving the “supersaturation puzzle” is the main goal of the proposed work.
To achieve this, experiments under conditions similar to the upper atmosphere will be conducted using neutron diffraction and small angle scattering in Grenoble as well as scanning electron microscopy under extended vacuum (ESEM) in Göttingen. This should allow us to study the evolution of crystallite size and stacking faults and to correlate these quantities to the measured atmospheric supersaturations. A more detailed project description is available upon simple request to
The candidate should have some background in crystallography and some notions in physical chemistry. Applications of excellent candidates from physics, chemistry, geo- and material science or crystallography are welcome.
More information on the contract and working conditions at ILL/ Grenoble can be found under:
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Please send further enquiries or your application (with motivation letter, copy of master/diploma certificate, CV and two references) to:
Prof. Werner F. Kuhs
GZG Abt. Kristallographie Goldschmidtstr. 1 37077 Göttingen Telefon +49 (0)551 39-3891 Fax +49 (0)551 39-9521
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