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Opportunity: Visiting Professorship Uppsala

We are looking for a world leading scientist
Zennström Visiting Professorship in Environmental Science with a Particular Emphasis on Climate
Change and Impact

Zennström Philantropies has granted a generous multi-year grant for a visiting professorship in climate science at Uppsala University. The grant covers a full-time position for one year effectively, but can be used over a two year period.

The visiting professorship is intended to attract outstanding scientists who can perform cutting edge research in the areas of climate and energy, and thereby contribute to global endeavours against climate change and its impact.

Uppsala University carries out world leading research on climate change in a wider perspective. For example, in the area of sustainable energy technology there is research on wind power, wave power, photovoltaic solar cells, fuel cells, hydrogen storage, artificial photosynthesis and smart windows. Moreover, there is research in meteorology, carbon dioxide emissions from lakes and oceans, hydrology, glaciology and ecology as well as in evolutionary biology. Existing competence in computer science and mathematics is of great importance in simulations and modelling. Ongoing research in social sciences and humanities is also highly relevant, for example by studies of economy, human behaviour and attitudes.

Many different aspects or disciplines could be included. We welcome nominations from all fields relevant for climate change research. The holder of the professorship is expected to work across disciplinary borders, and act as a catalyst for new projects and collaborations, for example by teaching at graduate and undergraduate levels. The holder is expected to spend at least three months per year at Uppsala University. The visiting professorship will be announced every two years. A representative of the donor will be involved in the candidate selection. Credentials that merit appointment at the rank of full professor are required.

Eligibility for appointment: Applicants/nominees are eligible for employment as professor if they have demonstrated both academic and pedagogical skills. Further, general eligibility for teaching posts includes the broad ability required to carry out fully the duties of the position. Moreover, to be appointed as a professor, the applicant must have documented academic skills in independent research that considerably exceed those necessary for the position of associate professor.

Uppsala University invites nominations and applications for the position. Please send CV, publication list and a research plan (max 5 pages) by e-mail to no later that June 1st 2009. Inquiries may be addressed
to the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Professor Joseph Nordgren at See

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