Dienstag, 30. Juni 2009

Electron microscopy, microstructural analysis and grain scale processes: insights and frontiers.

Electron microscopy, microstructural analysis and grain scale processes: insights and frontiers.

Conveners: Kate Brodie (Manchester), Alan Boyle (Liverpool), Florian Heidelbach (Bayreuth), David Mainprice (Montpellier)

Keynotes: Dave Prior; Carol Trager-Cowan; Rainer Abart

Recent advances in analytical techniques in electron microscopy (SEM, TEM and electron microprobe) have greatly enhanced our understanding of grain-scale processes during deformation and metamorphism of minerals and rocks. Backscattered and orientation-contrast electron imaging combined with electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), cathodoluminescence imaging, charge-contrast imaging, electron microprobe analysis and TEM and optical microscopy have facilitated detailed microstructural and microchemical studies of microstructures developed under a range of metamorphic conditions, strain rates and strain geometries. These provide better, and in some cases new, understanding of deformation mechanisms in geological materials and their potential interplay with microgeochemistry. Focussed-ion beam (FIB) techniques have opened the possibility of direct selection and preparation of TEM samples inside the SEM as well as serial sectioning of specimens such that 3-D structures become accessible for microstructural/chemical analysis. In-situ heating and deformation experiments are also becoming possible inside SEMs with possibilities for on-line observation and analysis.

This session aims to bring together a broad range of researchers using imaging and microanalytical techniques to investigate deformed and metamorphosed minerals, rocks and materials. Contributions covering SEM, EBSD and TEM investigations, combined with optical and microchemical studies or other novel techniques are especially invited.


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