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Job Opportunity: 2PhD positions available at the Institute for Mineralogy and Petrology of ETH Zurich.

The Institute for Mineralogy and Petrology (IMP) of ETH Zurich invites applications for 2 PhD studentships in the areas of Experimental Geochemistry and Mineral Physics, beginning Fall 2009.

PhD position (3 years) in Experimental Geochemistry

The PhD project aims at the experimental investigation of fluid-mineral-melt interactions at high pressure and temperature conditions with the aim of understanding magmatic and hydrothermal processes in subduction-related environments. Particularly, the successful candidate will conduct a series of experiments to determine the chemical composition, the speciation and the thermodynamic properties of high pressure fluids under relevant pressure and temperature conditions. The project will be conducted using externally heated diamond anvil cells combined with vibrational and synchrotron-based X-ray spectroscopies.

PhD studentship (3 years) in Mineral Physics

The PhD project focuses on investigating the elastic properties of selected mantle mineral phases at relevant pressure and temperature conditions by Brillouin scattering and X-ray spectroscopies.
The project involves 1) sample synthesis in piston-cylinder apparatus and multi-anvil press, 2) elasticity measurements at simultaneous high P-T conditions in diamond-anvil cells, and 3) modeling of laboratory and seismic data to provide constraints on chemical, mineralogical, thermal, and geodynamic models of the Earth's interior.

In addition to strong interest in experimental work and motivation, the successful candidates should have a strong background on petrology/geochemistry, mineralogy and physics. Experience with high-pressure and spectroscopic techniques is desirable. Applicants should hold a Master's or an equivalent degree in the areas of Earth sciences, physics or chemistry at the time of appointment.

Candidates should send, in a single pdf file, a copy of your CV, a motivation letter and the names and contact details, including e-mail address, of at least two potential referees to Carmen Sanchez-Valle (

Please contact Carmen Sanchez-Valle for additional information concerning the projects.
Information about the Institute for Mineralogy and Petrology and the Earth Sciences Department of ETH Zurich is available at: <>

Deadline: Review of applications will start immediately and will continue until the positions are filled.
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