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Postdoc position in Biogeochemistry „Mössbauer spectroscopy of reactive iron species“

Postdoc position in Biogeochemistry
„Mössbauer spectroscopy of reactive iron species“

Iron oxides in groundwater play a key role for electron transfer reactions and adsorption of
redox sensitive compounds and thus for the overall biogeochemistry in aquifers. Bulk
properties of solid iron phases have been extensively studied using classical mineralogical
(e.g. XRD) and wet chemical techniques. However, surface rather than bulk properties of iron
minerals control chemical and microbial reactions at these minerals. Thus, an in depth
understanding of the dynamics, chemistry and reactivity of reactive species at iron mineral
surfaces is hampered by limited availability of appropriate surface-sensitive and in situ

In this project we will apply and refine Mössbauer spectroscopic methods as a tool for in situ
characterisation of reactive iron phases, especially when present at surfaces or as a minor
fraction compared to other minerals. Specifically, we will focus on iron-sulfur and iron-DOM
interactions in model systems in the presence and absence of microbes. This research is the
core part of the DFG-funded research unit “Electron transfer processes in anoxic aquifers”
(Forschergruppe “e-TraP”, and works at the
interface of geochemical and microbiological subprojects.
We offer a postdoc position for 2-3 years in a stimulating international and interdisciplinary
environment with numerous opportunities for cooperation with geochemists, microbiologists
and environmental scientists. The working place will be at the Center of Applied Geosciences
at the University of Tübingen in the research groups for Environmental Mineralogy and
Geomicrobiology ( Our
laboratories are fully equipped and prove access to state of the art facilities for geochemical,
mineralogical and microbial work including a cutting edge Mössbauer system with a Heliumcryostat unit (4.2 K).

Applicants should be experienced in Mössbauer spectroscopy with a background in
environmental sciences and/or geochemistry. Furthermore, previous experience with
geochemical modelling software would be advantageous. Applicants should have good
communication skills and should be highly motivated and committed to pursuing
interdisciplinary research focusing on environmental issues. The salary will be according to
TVL E13 (100%), start date is October 2009 or as soon as possible thereafter.
The appointment will be arranged by the administration of the University of Tübingen. We
particularly encourage female applicants to apply for this position. Disabled persons will be
preferred in case of equal qualification.

Please send your application by email before August 31st (2009) to:
Prof. Stefan Haderlein ( and Prof. Andreas Kappler
( as well as CC to Prof. Stefan Peiffer (s.peiffer@unibayreuth.
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