Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010

Goldschmidt 2010: June 13 - 18 Knoxville, Tennessee

Are you carrying out research on the mineralogy of dust or
the global impact of dust on climate and ecosystems?

In this case, Session 04f "Atmospheric Dust" at the
upcoming Goldschmidt Conference in Knoxville, TN provides
an ideal opportunity to present your work and to interact
with your international colleagues.

-    Reto Gieré, Germany
-    Bernard Grobéty, Switzerland
-    Peter Stille, France

Keynote Speaker: Peter Buseck (Arizona State

Particulate matter (PM) is ubiquitous in the atmosphere,
because it is generated through a wide range of natural
processes and human activities. In the recent past, PM
research was focused primarily on organic particles (e.g.,
soot, black carbon), produced through combustion processes
(e.g., forest fires, coal combustion). This session will be
centered on inorganic dust, which is abundant in the
atmosphere and thus has major impacts on e.g., climate,
glacial albedo, oceanic nutrient levels, and traffic. The
session aims to present recent developments in
mineralogical, geochemical and isotopic characterization of
both anthropogenic (e.g., combustion, abrasion,
construction) and naturally occurring inorganic dust (e.g.,
from volcanic eruptions or continental erosion). We invite
contributions on topics, such as, single-particle
mineralogical characterization; isotopic tracing;
inorganic–organic PM interaction (e.g. adsorption);
nutrient transport; quantitative distribution and source
allocation of various PM types; and interaction of PM with
soils, plants, glaciers, oceans and climate.

Goldschmidt 2010: June 13 - 18 Knoxville, Tennessee


Session "Atmospheric Dusts" under Theme 04: Physics and
Chemistry of Earth Materials (Session 04f)

Abstract deadline: February 21

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