Montag, 25. Januar 2010

IMA 2010 Budapest: Planetary mineralogy: Meteorites, shock metamorphism, and more

IMA 2010, Budapest

We would like to invite your contributions to the session

PL121: Planetary mineralogy: Meteorites, shock metamorphism, and more

Convenors: Christian KOEBERL, Wolf Uwe REIMOLD

which is organized in the framework of the forthcoming 20th General
Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA2010) meeting
in Budapest, Hungary (Aug. 21-27, 2010).

Mineralogical and geochemical - including cosmochemical - studies of
meteorites as tracers of early solar system evolution and impact
processes, investigations of impactites from terrestrial impact
structures, and possible distal ejecta layers are the subject of this

The session provides a forum for multidisciplinary discussion of solar
system evolution, planetary development, impact processes and the products
of catastrophic impact, and the link between large-scale impact events and
extinction horizons in the biostratigraphic record. Of particular interest
could be recent developments in shock metamorphism - especially regarding
deformation caused in the low-shock pressure regime. The session is of
wide interest from cosmochemists, meteoriticists, planetary geologists, to
all disciplines of geoscience. Ore formation in impact settings and the
related physicochemical processes could also be represented.

For general information on the IMA meeting, please see:

<> For information on how to submit abstracts,
please see:

Please note the following deadlines:

January 31, 2010: Early bird (reduced rate) registration closes, Early
bird grant application closes

March 6, 2010: Abstract submission closes, Grant application closes, Field
trip preliminary registration closes

April 23, 2010: Abstract acceptance confirmation;

April 30, 2010:  Normal rate registration closes, Field trip final
registration closes
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