Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010

Workshop on computer simulations and geochemical modelling

Via DMG Mailing list:

Dear Colleagues,

we would like to remind you that during 1-5 March the Institute of
Geosciences at the University of Frankfurt will host the Workshop
"From atomistic calculations to thermodynamic modelling".

This is the II workshop in this series. The aim is make a bridge
between experimental and quantum mechanical studies of minerals,
atomistic simulations of solid solutions, calculations of mineral and
solid-aqueous equilibria and Gibbs free energy minimization studies of
complex geochemical systems.

During the Tutorial the participants will be able to perform
force-field calculations with GULP, density functional theory
calculations with CASTEP via Materials Studio, simulate effects of
mixing with Virtual Solid Solution Laboratory, do phase equilibrium
calculations with PERPLEX and simulate solid-aqueous equilibria with

A more detailed information can be found at the website:

There are still few free places left, we encourage you to apply soon!
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