Montag, 1. März 2010

IMA2010 meeting (August, Budapest): Field trip registration opened

We would like to inform you that the field trip registration of the 20th
General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA2010,
Budapest, August 2010) has been opened.

Field work (including strong cultural and social components) has
traditionally been an important part of the General Meetings of IMA.

IMA2010 offers 30 pre-, mid- and post-conference, 1-5 days-long field
trips covering a very safe, clean and organised area of ten, mainly
European Union countries in Central-SE Europe

Regions such as Bohemia, Krakow, Slovakia, Styria, Tokaj Mountains,
Transylvania or the Croatian Adriatic Sea, to include only a few, are
well-known world wide for their mineralogical / petrological / geochemical
sites of historical resonance back to the Roman or the Medieval Ages; old
and recent ore and non-metallic deposits; and, last but not least, for
their cultural attractions and for their picturesque landscapes (many
UNESCO World Heritage sites). End of August weather is perfect for travel
in the region.

For minimizing the risk of field trip cancellations and for encouraging
the field trip participation we apply the flexible minimum participant
number approach: For most trips the minimum participant number is as low
as 5 persons, and the registration fees are still very moderate (between
EUR 20 and EUR 260).
As a novelty, we introduced the Student/Young scientist IMA2010 field trip
registration fee (between EUR 15 and EUR 160), which enables also this
category of conference participants - usually missing from the field trips
of the large conferences - , to take part in these programmes, as
significant contribution to their professional development.

Preliminary field trip registration: March 13
Final field trip registration: April 30.
IMA2010 field trips are open only to IMA2010 registered participants and
their accompanying persons. Take the advantage of registering as soon as
possible; field trips registration closes when the maximum number of
participants (varying from case to case) is reached.

Please share this information with your colleagues who may also be

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