Samstag, 14. August 2010

Workshop PERALK-CARB 2011

Workshop on peralkaline rocks and carbonatites

This workshop, to be held during 16.-18. June 2011 at the Institut für
Geowissenschaften, Universität Tübingen, Southern Germany, will
address the generation and evolution of peralkaline rocks and
carbonatites from their source to the last stages of their
crystallization (fenitization, hydrothermal processes) with an
additional emphasis on their economic potential. A special session
will be devoted to the alkaline rocks and carbonatites of the Gregory
Rift in East Africa. Geologists, petrologists and geochemists are
welcome to contribute with general or with case studies, be they based
on experiments or field studies.

  Eleven distinguished keynote speakers will review the state of the
art knowledge on all aspects of the topic. A LITHOS Special issue
based on the contributions from this workshop is planned to be

  Please visit our website
or contact Michael Marks
(michael.marks(at) The total number of contributing
participants will be rectricted to 65. Please send an expression of
interest with a preliminary title before 30th of November 2010.
Participation will be confirmed until 15th December 2010.
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