Donnerstag, 31. März 2011

Satellite workshop to the XXII IUCr congress

Satellite workshop to the XXII IUCr congress

Online Edition of International Tables for Crystallography: Current
State and
Future Developments

Bilbao, 31 August – 3 September 2011

The workshop will provide an introduction to the current state
and future developments of the online version of International Tables for
Crystallography, including in particular the new symmetry database. This
web server provides access to databases of symmetry information on
crystallographic groups in standard and alternative settings, allowing the
study of their group-subgroup relations, including subgroups and
supergroups, coset decompositions and the splitting of Wyckoff positions.
Applications relevant to specific topics in solid-state physics and
chemistry, such as magnetic symmetry, phase transitions and relations
between crystal structures, will form an important part of the workshop.

The maximum number of participants in the workshop is limited to 60.
Financial support is available for grant applications and the deadline
for applications is May 15, 2011.
Depending on the available funds, retired scientists will be offered
special fees.
Registration and additional information:
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