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Sediment 2011 - Abstract and Registration Deadline

June 23-26, 2011 Sediment 2011, Leipzig

Dear Colleagues,

The next Central European conference of sedimentology “Sediment 2011” will be held in Leipzig, Germany, June 23-26.

The „Sediment 2011" meeting of sedimentary geology is co-organized by two international scientific societies: SEPM-CES (Central European Section of the Society of Sedimentary Geology), and the Section Sedimentology of GV (Geologische Vereinigung).

The organizers encourage submission of abstracts in all fields of sedimentary geology. The meeting aims at bringing together young researchers and established scientists from industry and academia in order to stimulate and promote European education and research in sedimentology. The best poster presentations (students only) will be awarded a prize.

Conference dates: June 24 – 25.

Invited speakers:
Prof. Dr. H. Bahlburg (Münster): Tsunami sediments, origin and archive
Prof. Dr. W. Piller (Graz): Shallow water carbonate sediment archives
Prof. Dr. J. Reitner (Göttingen): Neoproterozoic critical intervals - facts and assumptions
Prof. Dr. H. Strauss (Münster): Tracing Earth´s oxygenation with stable isotopes

Pre-conference field-trips (June 23) will visit the Paleogene of the Leipzig embayment and a Lignite mine (leader Prof. Dr. A. Müller, Dr. J. Rascher, NN).

A post-conference (June 26) field-trip will deal with paleokarst of the Thuringian Muschelkalk and classical outcrops of the Buntsandstein (leaders M. Henninger, R. Leder).

Short courses will be on stable isotope applications in sedimentology (June 23; Prof. Dr. M.M. Joachimski, Dr. S. Krüger) and geoelectric field methods (June 26; Dr. C. Flechsig).

Meeting website with all dates, deadlines and fees at

Abstract and early registration deadline: April 15, 2011

The Geologische Vereinigung (GV) pays students an allowance of € 75 Euros for attending the meeting if they are a member of the GV, or if they join the GV while attending the meeting. For more information please contact Rita Spitzlei (info(at)
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