Montag, 4. April 2011

Short Course - Summer School "Sulfur in melts"

An interdisciplinary short course on “Sulfur in Magmas and Melts and Its Importance for Natural and Technical Processes” is held in Goslar, Germany, on August 21st – 23rd, immediately after the 2011 Goldschmidt Conference, in cooperation with the Mineralogical Society of America. The location in Goslar can be reached within half a day from Prague.
The course will bring together experts in relevant geological and geochemical fields with those in the technical glass and steel industry and in the material sciences, and we invite interested students and professionals to attend. The short course will involve lectures based on the 15 chapters of the Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry volume 73 on this broad subject, and it will be a forum for discussion of future research. Actual research can be presented in a poster session.
A summer school is offered to students and young researchers which includes the short course at Goslar and two practical one-day workshops at August 20 in Hannover, Germany, and at August 24 in Clausthal, Germany. For more information about the short course and the summer school see and, or send an e-mail to Harald Behrens (h.behrens(at)
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