Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

14th EMPG meeting in Kiel, Germany. Registration website is open now!

The registration website as well as the abstact submission website and the travel grant application website of the next EMPG meeting are open since September 1st.

The upcoming 14th EMPG meeting (Experimental Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geochemistry) will be held in Kiel, Germany,

from 4th to 7th of March 2012.

There will be 16 sessions on different aspects of the experimental geosciences:

S01 Cosmochemistry: planet formation, planets, planetary interior, meteorites and solar system materials
S02 Deep Earth: phase equilibria, mineral stability, partial melting, and redox conditions
S03 Subduction zones processes: element solubility, partitioning and isotopic fractionationin melts and fluids
S04 Magmatic processes and volcanic systems
S05 Experimental and numerical approaches of volatiles speciation in minerals, melts, hydrous magmatism and fluid processes
S06 Deformation processes, transport properties, reaction mechanisms and kinetics: combining experimental (HP/HT) and numerical aspects
S07 Melting, chemical and physical properties of melts and glasses
S08 Mineral interfaces and interfacial processes, biomineralisation, mineral surface properties and solution chemistry
S09 New approaches to study mineral kinetics and texture forming processes
S10 Phase equilibria, mineral chemistry and redox conditions
S11 Frontiers in computational geochemistry
S12 Frontiers and new developments in experimental methods and high pressure technologies
S13 Exploration and deposition of hazardous materials
S14 Carbon dioxide capture and storage
S15 Environmental geochemistry, applied mineralogy, natural resources and geomaterials
S16 Open session

Find the website of the meeting under:

If you like you can follow and comment the progress of the organization of the conference on Facebook
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